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International Dog Show Toulouse 2012

February 2012

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Bitllot: ..........BOB, BOG....and 3rd BIS!!!!!



Dear friends, apologies for the audacity in the usual intro of the article, but the humble scribe who speaks to you has its limitations, and the inability to condense the cluster of emotions and sensations experienced in Toulouse was such that the only thing that occurred to me this time has been that it was the dictionary of the Spanish language which speak for my...

This one has been a trip and a special exhibition in many senses for us. France since always it has his peculiarities and his singularities, but it is necessary to admit that the environment is always different and special.Nineteen-odd registered dogs, very close to two thousand, in these times are a clear example of the great love that is in the neighboring country for the dogs. I personally love to watch people too old, which carry a lifetime raising the breed they love, and that are totally unrelated to fashion and trends, but that store valuable expertise and above all deeply love the breed with which they shared most of his life.

En el aspecto estrictamente personal, el viaje esta vez tenía un punto de nostálgico para nosotros, pues marchábamos el mismo día del concurso, de madrugada, con nuestra vieja furgoneta, la pequeñita (pero matona…) y porque íbamos solo con dos perros…, como en los viejos tiempos…jeje.Nos encontramos con el “Team de Cal Vermell” en la Jonquera. Carlos, Carme, “Lo Pere” y la reina de la casa, “Calitja”. Un cafelito calentito que nos sentó de maravilla y emprendimos el resto del camino hacia Toulouse aún sumergidos en la oscuridad de una noche de Febrero sin luna. Con los primeros rayos del alba, llegamos a Toulouse y cogimos posiciones cerquita del ring de los Bullmastiff.

The results of the exhibition were truly spectacular; Calitja, CAC, CACIB and Best of Opposite Sex, and Bitllot ... there Bitllot!, CAC, CACIB and BOB ... but above all ... the feeling that by afternoon something big could happen .... a very very big .... almost as big as the Bitlllot .... 

Thousand thanks to Mauricio, Paola and Maria Jose for being careful and to love Asland since they it do and to Carlos, Carme and "Lo Pere" for being to our side until the end and for being careful and to spoil of Calitja so much since her is deserved. Without you friends, it had never been possible, thank you.

International Dog Show Toulouse 2012

  • Calitja Del Gorg Negre, Exc 1ª Intermedate Female Class, CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • Bitllot Del Gorg Negre, Exc 1º Intermediate Male Class, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, and 3rd BIS!!!


Mr. Raymond Soulat (France). Breed and group.

Mr. José Vidal. BIS