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International Dog Show Girona 2012

March 2012

Unforgettable Sunday lived in Girona, in the most important exhibition of the year in Catalunya. Best of breed, best young of breed, best of opposite sex and best puppy. And in the end... Bitllot Reserve Beso of Group, and Otto, third in the BIS of youngs. Amazing day.




Dear friends as you have seen, I have let pass a few days since exposure of Girona to publish this article which concerns us. My secret intention was to gain a little time waiting for me to reach some kind of divine inspiration that allowed me to capture in words all the emotions and sensations experienced in Girona last March.

I decided to avail myself of music and images to try to make you feel first hand what was and what it meant for us the last International Exhibition of Girona 2012.

I attached the results of our Bullmastiff, who this time were wonderful, and I leave the company of this emotional video I hope you enjoy and make you a good time.

Thanks to Paola, Mauricio and Maria José; to Bernat and Roser; to Josep; to Alvaro and Noa; to Manoli and Antonio; to Maricruz, Manolo, Irene and David; to Carlos, Carme and Lo Pere; to Mari Carmen and Edu; and of course, to David. 


Girona 2012, The film:


"We hope you enjoy this little musical montage of the last International exhibition of Girona. Bitllot Best of Breed, Reserve of Group 2. Otto Best Young of Breed and third in the final of young BIS. Eternal Best puppy of Breed. But most importantly, a lot of good friends gathered to make a good feast and see many good Bullmastiff ..." 

(Clicka for see the video)


International Dog Show Girona 2012:

  • Bitllot Del Gorg Negre, Exc 1º Intermediate Male Class, CAC, CACIB, BOB, and RBOG!!!.
  • Dali Del Gorg Negre, Exc 1º Young Male Class, CCJ, 3rd BIS Young.
  • Eterna Del Gorg Negre, Mb 1ª Puppy Female Class, Best Puppy of Breed.
  • Calitja Del Gorg Negre, Exc 1ª Intermediate Female Class, CAC, CACIB and BOS.
  • Caramella Del Gorg Negre, Exc 3ª Intermediate Female Class.
  • Abac Del Gorg Negre, Exc 2º Open Male Class.
  • Ali Del Gorg Negre, Exc 1º Open Male Class, RCAC and RCACIB.
  • Fanal Del Gorg Negre, Mb 1º Puppy Male Class.


Sr. Carlos Salas (España), Breed

Sr. Francisco Moreno (España), Group

Sr. Antonio Rojo (España), BIS Young