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 Gorg Negre Bullmastiff is the result of effort and enthusiasm that we have all our family and friends in this exciting adventure that Bullmastiff breed. The short history began to be written on Christmas Day of 1994, when he came through the door of our house, our first Bullmastiff puppy. Since then we have been fortunate to share our day to day with unforgettable Bullmastiff that have filled with their majestic presence our home and our hearts.



Over the years my admiration has become a passion, in a very special way of life and almost an obsession. Finally, after many years trying to find the right place for our Bullmastiff we have ourselves a beautiful farmhouse in the woods and nature.





There can recreate our Bullmastiff ranger work for which they were originally created and grow healthy, strong and free, surrounded by tall trees, large and heavy stones and even a small stream with a small natural spring.




In Gorg Negre Bullmastiff are absolutely our whole family involved: parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins .... And above all our friends. To all, thank you, heartily, for joining us in our travels abroad to seek Bullmastiff, for helping to build our own little "paradise" Bullmastiff in the woods, and mainly listen and try to understand, we know that sometimes our follies are almost incomprehensible.