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Much has been written and well on the character and natural abilities and Bullmastiff Bullmastiff Gorg Negre have preferred to have our own personal experience over many years of daily contact with race. In Gorg Negre Bullmastiff believe that one of the most outstanding qualities of a Bullmastiff is your character. In the course of nearly 15 years we have seen that a Bullmastiff is above all an eminently familiar animal and needs daily human contact to be happy and fully realized.

A Bullmastiff can feel just as happy and content keeping the farm and the properties of their owners and fast asleep in a corner of the sofa. If a Bullmastiff feel loved and respected by his people can adapt to any mode and lifestyle. In some northern European countries the Bullmastiff is used by educators and psychologists to carry out different types of therapies with the elderly and children. This adaptability is one of the qualities that have fallen in love Bulllmastiff we always know how to behave agree to the circumstances surrounding it and rarely starring outbursts or behaviors out of place. A Bullmastiff is an animal loving and affectionate and above all, very very smart.

A Bullmastiff does not love that game especially as repetitive and monotonous, that's just not motivated and you will eventually get bored. A Bullmastiff has its tempo and pace, likes to walk at your leisure and sometimes make their own decisions, not an animal character type "Germanic" style of a Doberman or a German Shepherd. A Bullmastiff has its own idiosyncrasies and sometimes if it detects that the orders they receive are incoherent or absurd, he will decide what he wants and wants to do. In short, a Bullmastiff is an animal with its intelligence and sensitivity has an enormous capacity to adapt to any environment. This adaptability makes it a suitable animal for all sorts of individuals and families, provided they feel loved and can be fully integrated within the family group.