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At Del Gorg Negre Bullmastiff are absolutely our whole family involved: parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins .... And above all our friends. To all, thanks for help and try to understand, we know that sometimes our follies are almost incomprehensible.

We want to thank especially Ricard and Montse for offering us the farm of Les Roquetes and make our dream come true, Marc and Monica for joining us in Italy and "birth" this piece of Web page, for having provided Caselles Angel his house, Sergi "baixinhu" for their time and dedication to the "iron" Guillem "Wily" Surita by a cable drive us to Jordi Rota Rotoak "for bringing a bit of water, Manel" petit tete "or "sapadu" to be part of the family, Paquito Lora for everything and more, Eva "petuniku the front" to enlighten all with his smile, and all and all friends who have helped and that you have been or will be someday in "bonete tours."