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World Dog Show Paris 2011

July 2011

Paris C'est Magnifique! They say the city of light and love always smile at the crazy dreamer? ... In the French Championship Alota won the CAC and its proud father Hans RCAC, and in the World Dog Show, Hans third in Open Class Males. We hope you enjoy the photos and the full report.




The cluster of sensations and emotions experienced during the Paris World endure for many years in our memory. Several factors made this trip a very special trip for us, and above all, the company of our uncle Kakel filled us with joy and excitement. Our uncle Kakel is largely responsible for Mateu and the humble servant who speaks loved the world of dogs and dog shows when we were two young children. As suspected Kakel was uncovered as a first-class passenger and a walker class Bullmastiff ... Perafita-Paris without turning on the radio in the van!!  The trip started well, very well ...


The Ibis Le Bourget became the headquarters of Del Gorg Negre and from there set up the command post of the expedition. We chose this hotel a bit away from central Paris to coincide with our good friends Rafael, Nadia and the rest of the "squadra" of I bravi Ragazzi. 


The day before the show took the opportunity to enjoy the most precious treasures of Paris. We made a visit "express" to the most emblematic places of the city and finally succumb to the charms of a small, cozy restaurant located a few minutes walk from the magnificent Cathedral of Notre Dame. Without offering much resistance, we yield to the pleasures of fine French cuisine and always enjoy the charm of the place, the time and above all good company. With our appetites sated, we found a refreshing nap in the gardens of the Eiffel Tower, barefoot on the grass and sheltered by the imposing presence of the most important monuments of the city. The experience is highly recommended and we are filled with good vibes and positive energy to everything that we came over in the coming days ...


The Paris World Dog Show brought the great bulk of the most prestigious breeders in Europe. The level of participation was very good and the quality of the copies are clearly outstanding participants. The best and most worthy representative of the "Team" Del Gorg Negre, was of course, the big "boss" Hans. Hans was simply sublime and achieved a creditable third place on the open class males, with 27 examples in the catalog, confirming once again that wherever it is always among the list of possible winners.


The next day he played the French Championship, with virtually the same share that the World Cup, but with different judges. You'll never know who improved one position and was among the few who repeated the podium of the World ??... day if friends .. Hans! This time placed second and won the RCAC, proving once again that their quality is above judges, trends and sensitivities of what should be or not a Bullmastiff.


But Hans still had reserved a final surprise for everyone ... in fact he would not be the hero, but you could say that it would be a very important part of it ... His daughter Alota, took first place and CAC in Open class bitches! Approaching in this way to obtain the French Championship we trust will have no problem completing next year .. because obviously the hardest, is already achieved. Alota charmed everyone with her elegant movement, with its beautiful expression and that "glamorous" so special that makes it stand out from other dogs.



World Dog Show Paris 2011 

  • Dynamic Force Xcaliburs Playboy, Exc 3º Open Male Class

  • Alota Del Gorg Negre, Exc Open Female Class


Mrs. Pamela James Brown (UK)

Sr. Javier Sánchez (Spain)


Championat du France 2011 (Paris)

  • Dynamic Force Xcaliburs Playboy, Exc 2º and RCAC in Open Male Class.

  • Alota Del Gorg Negre, Exc 1ª and CAC in Open Female Class.


M. Denis (France)