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Exposition Canine Intenationale Perpignan 2011

October, 2011

On unforgettable Sunday the one that we spend in France.. With Perpignan's International Exhibition we close 2011 of dream. Alota Del Gorg Negre, CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed. His proud papi Hans, CAC, CACIB and Best of Opposite Sex. We invite you to enjoy the complete article friends.




The Perpignan's International Exhibition it was a sensational end for 2011 that will last many years in our memory. Since always and once again, the Exhibitions in France are another history ... the environment, the people and in general, a bit everything, is always different.. The French Club of the Bullmastiff and of the Mastiff gave the category of Speciale du Club to this Perpignan's International Exhibition, with everything good that this means.. A judge specialist for the breed, the possibility of pass the Test of Natural Aptitudes and as not, an intimate appetizer to I peeped of ring for all the participants and fans who had to good approach up to Perpignan.

Entering a bit more detail, the Opened Class Males, there shared scene Hans and his son Ali, who of the hand of his owner Josep left a very good flavor of mouth all the assistants. Hans won the CAC, the CACIB and the Best of Opposite Sex, leaving this time the honor of the Best of Breed for his daughter Alota Del Gorg Negre. Alota imposed himself in the Opened class Females, of length the best and most competed class of the day, with very well presented quality females. Alota obtained the CAC, the CACIB and the BEST OF BREED.

Undoubtedly, the better of the day was the familiar and festive environment of the whole day and the appetizer to I peeped of ring comity of the Club Française du Mastiff et du Bullmastiff. Once again, Congratulations friends!! Especially an embrace affectionate and been grateful to Anne Marie Class, Marjorie Marin and Pascal Vichery, that with his good one to do and experience they did that this Exhibition was turning into an authentic holiday of the Bullmastiff.


Exposition Canine Intenationale Perpignan 2011

  • Alota Del Gorg Negre, CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • Ch. Dynamic Force Xcaliburs Playboy, CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • Ali Del Gorg Negre, RCAC, RCACIB


Jean-Françoise M. Martin