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International Show Valls 012

January 2012

This year Valls's Exhibition has raised one more step happening to be Internacional, and Del Gorg Negre it has wanted to be to the height...  BIS Couple and Groups; Better Puppy and Better Young of Breed; and Abac Best of Breed and finalist of group … read the complete article friends, we hope that you like …



As already it has been tradition in recent years, Valls is responsible for uploading the backdrop of exhibitions at home. This time, the Unió Cinófila de Catalunya in his continuous effort to improve, granted to the exhibition of Valls international category putting at stake the valid CACIB for the International Championship of the FCI. It is appreciated in these times in which many people have decided to take the easy road and bury our heads under the wing, our Canine society, with his President and his team in front, have had the courage and desire to continue betting if possible even more for the future of dog shows in our country. That is why that humbly and from our small corner in cyberspace, we want to thank them all for keep believing in the dogs.


We could talk about the results, clearly make us a tremendous illusion and that are the result of a great effort and many hours of dedication, but as we get used to let us go more for the feelings that by the head…. once more we will stop Formalisms and we will do what asked us the body.... and the body asks us to talk over people, that of dogs... of good and thankful people who care with love our Bullmastiff.


That friends joy, that joy! Awesome day where we live in Valls, we met a lot of people, a lot of friends! All share a denominator common.... our passion for animals, and in particular, the Bullmastiff, and more in special for our dear Bullmastiff of Del Gorg Negre!


Billion thanks to José Luís and his wonderful family;  Carlos and the rest of the team of Cal Vermell; Alvaro, Noa, and Stich; Raul and Mireia; Mauritius, Paola and Maria José, Joan and Nadia; Maricruz, Manolo, Irene and David; Xavi and Jordi; Bernat and Roser; Elisabeth and André, Mariona, Edgar and the family and is special to Erola who gave us a drawing that made us a lot of illusion; Manuel; Cesc and Montse, Pep; and specially to the eternals Edu, Mari Carmen and David.


Over the years accumulate cups and trophies, which obviously makes a lot of illusion, but eventually ended up filled dust and will broke on some shelf of the House. But what certain age may not snatch we never are emotions, memories and sensations that leave us these meetings of friends. To see the puppies one day were born in the heat of our home living a full and happy with their families... that life is the best. To listen to the stories they tell us their owners, their antics, his hobbies, encourages us and pushes us to continue working.


And Lastly, and by no means less important. think I speak on behalf of all the "Team" Del Gorg Negre Gorg when I say that the Mammmmma Montse is the best in the world! That omelette, that drumstick, to cheese to bread with tomato, beer fresh…, dishes, cutlery, the table, the mantel…... If it is that it was not missing anything! We have always said that the cornerstone is on which is based around the spirit of Gorg Negre, and without it nothing would be the same....


Anyway, as you can see, was a day of intense emotions that will endure for many years in our memory. To thank you all so much for being there and give meaning to all this blessed madness, truth that without all of you, none of this would have no raison d ' être.


International Show Valls 012

  • Abac Del gorg Negre: Exc 1º Open Male Class, CAC, CACIB, BOB and finalist group 2
  • Bitllot Del Gorg Negre: Exc 1º Intermediate Male Class, RCAC, RCACIB
  • Dali Del Gorg Negre: Exc 1º Young Male Class
  • Delicia Del Gorg Negre: Exc 1ª Young Female Class and Best Young of Breed
  • Fanal Del Gorg Negre: Very Good 1º Puppy Male Class
  • Eternal Diva Divine Del Gorg Negre: Very Good 1ª Puppy Female Class and Best Puppy Breed
  • Del Gorg Negre BIS Couples of all the Show
  • Del Gorg Negre Best Breeding Group of all the Show


D. Alfonso Castells (Spain)