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Hans - Frida



Showing & Breeding Champion Bullmastiff

Euro Dog Show Leewarden 2011

September 2011

This time we do not achieve the victory, but as almost always, we were very quite close.. Third Hans in an impressive Opened Class Males, wherefrom there went out the winner of the Ch. of Europe. Alota comes second in Intermediate females, leaving a very good flavor of mouth in all the fans.

World Dog Show Paris 2011

July 2011

Paris C'est Magnifique! They say the city of light and love always smile at the crazy dreamer? ... In the French Championship Alota won the CAC and its proud father Hans RCAC, and in the World Dog Show, Hans third in Open Class Males. We hope you enjoy the photos and the full report.

National Dog Show Vic 2011

June 2011

The Future is cooming soon ... Dimitri Best Junior, BOB and BIS at the Young Final!! Dimitri a great success and certainly a huge success for the Race. And. .. the children of Rontu debut in an exhibition! One more? Read the full story friends, do not disappoint ..

Special Centennial Exhibition of the Royal Canine Society of Spain. Spain Championchip.

May 2011

Success in Madrid. Dimitri Best Young of Breed and Junior Champion of Spain, Hans Best of Breed and Champion of Spain, and on a busy Intermediate class males ... 2nd, 3rd and 4rt classified, 3 dogs bred by Del Gorg Negre. Finally friends, read the full article, certainly not disappoint you.


International Dog Show Gupúzcoa 2011

April 2011

Always a pleasure to visit with our good friends in the North and as always no shortage of laughter and good food. The results were wonderful. Hans podium best of breed and group 2, and Dimitri best junior of breed and BIS podium youth.