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Our Kennel

Facilities and working methodology Bullmastiff Gorg Negre have made a huge personal effort to put the estate of Les Roquetes to the needs of our Bullmastiff. Our Bullmastiff enjoy a little paradise in the woods where they can freely develop both body and mind. Each Bullmastiff has a particular carrier that ensures privacy when you want to relax. These "rooms" individual is 15 square meters each and have a roof of three meters for protection from inclement weather.

Bullmastiff addition each has a small "chalet" style of the "igloos" that completely isolates Nordic temperature outside. At Del Gorg Negre our Bullmastiff can enjoy both their working hours in the forest and its long afternoons on the sofa in our house in front of the fireplace. We have a program outputs and rotations with our Bullmastiff are trying to experience the maximum possible situations and feelings.

Our Bullmastiff alternate days at home sleeping in the lounge and nights in freedom in their work by particular forest guard and surveillance. With this method we try to develop a character as complete and balanced as possible, enabling them to assess each situation they encounter in the future and act and behave according to what they learned.