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ORIGINS, HISTORY AND FUNCTIONALITY. The Bullmastiff was created in England in the second half of the nineteenth century by the great "lords" of the British era. The Bullmastiff was created to meet the need for such powerful landowners to achieve an animal capable of storing and guarding their farms and properties of the illegal action of poachers. To achieve this goal was made a methodical selection between copies of the Mastiff breed and copies of old English bulldog. The purpose of these selective breeding was to lighten the Mastiff to be able to pursue the poachers and pacify the fierceness of the old character Bulldog order to prevent any uncontrollable.

The resulting animal was a more balanced that a former Bulldog and a body more flexible and lighter than a Mastiff. The Bullmastiff should not be very biting as it had to immobilize the stealth with his body and arrest him until they reached the guards. Forest Law in England in the nineteenth century were very strict and a bite of the Bullmastiff to sneak a penalty could encourage the owner of the animal and land.

The Bullmastiff should also know how to behave inside the home of the "lords" and appear polite and respectful to the guests. In the great halls of the nobility Bullmastiff occupied a central place at the foot of his master and behaving like a true "gentleman" British. The Bullmastiff today is keeping inside all these physical and mental qualities that saw him become the dog par excellence of the British aristocracy of the nineteenth century.